Variety of Buyers and Product Offered Sets Habersham Apart


The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette Newspapers featured a prominent article about the town of Habersham in June 3rd's print and June 6th's online editions respectively. The feature story of the paper's Real Estate & Homes section nicely summarized the selling points of the Habersham development that appeal to a wide range of buyers in today's real estate market. In particular, the New Urbanism design and planning philosophy embraced by Habersham's development team.

The piece continues to explain how it is the application of new urbanist tenets and the resulting town amenities that have carried Habersham through the tumultuous real estate market of recent years and allowed the development to remain true to its original concept while adapting to the changing needs of home buyers. The full article can be read on the Island Packet website. Read more...

Habersham's 'new urbanism' design and Lowcountry style appeal to all types of buyers

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